Canada, New Zealand, Australia Hong Kong & Germany are countries offer options to those who want to settle as permanent residents. But before you apply, you need to be sure that you actually qualify as per the current rules. Read More


Crossing of Borders has become simplistic and easier with the advancement of technology and trade by the concept of issuance of visas thereby, authenticating stay in a country. You can freely move in any part of the world…Read More

Career Counselling

With the growing economy, it has been witnessed an excessive growth in demand of employment opportunities across the world. In developing countries, economies are fastly growing and whereas in developed nations,..Read More

Documentation Assistance

Being new to immigration proceeding and procedure, its quite possible to a certain extent that Visa Applicant finds himself unable to understand the complex instructions, process flow, and documentation required for Visa Application. Read More

Language Coaching

Many countries have immigration system on the basis of the acquired points, wherein they provide higher points based on your proficiency in the given language. For example, English is an international language…Read More

Refiling Refusal Cases

Due to limited knowledge and ignorance of the candidates, Visa Applications often get rejected by the concerned Immigration Authorities. In such a scenario, the applicant feels highly disappointed and helpless. The time factor is Read More

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